Despite the growing dive tourism, we are proud to offer you more then 20 beautiful and varied dive sites. The south-west coast of Zakynthos in particular, offers grottos, caves, crevices and steep drop offs, and a few reefs. This impressive underwater landscape provides the perfect backdrop for wonderful dives. Connoisseurs and experts have repeatedly confirmed: amongst one of the most beautiful dive sites that Greece and the Mediterranean has to offer.”

With fantastic visibility and mainly short journeys, we offer you 2-5 day trips. Night dives are up to 3 times per week. The dive sites of Zakynthos are ideal for underwater photographers and videographers. Groupers and Seriolas, moray eels and octopuses, lobsters, slipper lobsters and shrimps, rays and colourful vegetation are unique designs. Particularly impressive are the encounters with the turtles that come to lay their eggs regularly in the bay.

We also offer day trips with our catamarans “Cat Cat” & “Neraki”. As the only dive centre on the island, we transport you with max. 10 divers to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos to experience absolutely pristine dive sites in the north of the island. Since 2015 we are visiting the wreck of the sunken ferry “MV Zakinthos” in 1989 and the Strofades-Islands, about 25 miles south of our island, also doing trips all around the island with fantastic dive sites.

Caves & Caverns

A treat are the countless grottos and caves. For beginners and professionals, it is a suitable and especially safe entry into the underwater world. The base has modern rental equipment to a sufficient extent. Beginners training and acceptance up to CMAS*** and PADI Divemaster are possible. Following are the most popular dive sites described in detail, so you can already get a good picture in advance what to expect.