Dive Centre

“Nero-Sport” was established in the Year 1986 by Peter Mohr and has celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2021. Since 2014 it has been nominated every year for the award of “Best Dive Center Mediterranean” from europe’s biggest diving magazine “Tauchen” – so it was when this award was given last time in 2019 as well.

Walking through the small Fishing Village Limni Keriou until the azure blue sea presents itself in front, you will find to your left, at the end of the beach, our small Dive Center. Here is everything under one roof: dive center, bar, restaurant with barbecue, free Internet access, children’s play area, library and international regulars table are the central meeting place for our guests. This is were we meet and besides diving, chatting, socializing, and barbecue, we get up to sensible and nonsensical fun.

Of course, a preventative Dehydration Therapy should not be missed. Our Dive Center is next to a small freshwater-stream and besides schools of mullets; countless terrapins and pond turtles cavort in the water. These are not to be confused with the large “loggerhead” hawksbill turtles (Caretta Caretta), the one you can find in our bay and with a little luck can encounter whilst snorkeling.

The Center features a spacious and airy drying room, enough space for all your equipment, separate sinks for lights, cameras, vending machines and suits, enabling the optimal care of your gear. Besides a compressor room next to our workshop, there are also 5, 10, 12 and 15 liter steel and another 50 aluminum tanks with DIN connectors that can also be customized with adapters to INT. Several Showers & toilets are available.

As PADI / SSI & IAC Dive Center we are offering for training purpose and courses an education room and are equipped using video + Whiteboard to educate diving theory.

Here are some pictures of the Center…to view them in large, just click on it.

Our boats….


Our dive boat, the 10 meter long Avra (“fresh breeze”), seats 14 divers comfortably. 2-4 times a day and depending on interest, even at night, (1-3 night dives per week) they will be taken by our Captain Jonio to 20 different dive sites.

The Avra is powered by a 135 PS strong diesel engine. Equipped with maritime and satellite earth station and an automatic emergency call system, which we hopefully never have to use, everything is very well organized for an emergency. Our convenient location to the dive sites and a cruising speed of 10 knots, allows us to reach the sites safely and comfortably in only 15 – 30 minutes so that the family does not have to give the whole day if only mum and dad are diving.

The rear part of the ship is equipped with a sunroof, lots of necessary shade, and also with a swim platform and ladder, offering you a convenient entry and exit way so that you will be spared uncomfortable gymnastic exercise. Below deck there is a toilet and small storage space for forgotten fins, masks, bottles, etc. Small and large guests may also, if there is enough space on board accompany us, swim or snorkel in the quite bay or sunbathe on deck during the dive.

Cat Cat

The newest boat in the Nero-Sport family is launched 2015 and will carry our divers to completely new and virgin dive grounds, waiting to be discovered around Zakynthos. The number of participants has been limited to 11 persons, to ensure that it does not resemble a mass dive event. We sincerely hope that this is what our customers want.

The 12 metre long and 4 metre wide motor catamaran “Cat Cat” will cover the following areas:

The 1989 sunken ferry “Zakynthos”, the “Strofades Isles” and the North of Zakynthos. Even with our new boat we remain true to our philosophy that quality comes before quantity. The dive trips on the “CAT CAT” will guarantee this. We offer proper “dive trips” and not merely take divers to their dive site. Apart from hot and cold drinks on offer, the BBQ will be cranked up between your dive intervals.


We also offer you day trips with our Catamaran “Neraki.” As the only dive center on the island we take you with max.10 divers to the national marine park of Zakynthos or to absolute unspoilt and fantastic dive sites in the North of the island.
The Seven Meter long ship is powered by a 135HP strong 4 – stroke outboard engine and offers generous space and a sun roof for relaxing and adventures day trips

Töff – Töff

Now that Sharky and Nemo have met their Maker, our highly modern “Street Fighter” now transports the divers equipment from the Center to the Dive Boat. Since 2019 we are working with our new generation model, incl. electric starter & light!

Child Care during your diving trips

Special info for Mum and Dad: Free Childminding is on offer during your dives and are leisurely taken by the beach or undertaken with other funny things, such as creative painting, water colours, building little stone men or a “Makeup studio.”