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Kid's Diving

For your kids the holiday should be a special experience, which kid does not want to stick his head under the water, especially when the parents rave about it? This is why we offer you every possibility to offer your kids every opportunity to get a little closer to diving. Specially trained Children Dive Instructors will assist them into Neptunes Realms. Not only above-but also underwater is your Child in good hands.


Even certified Junior Divers will get the attention of professional Dive Instructors and, if required, accompany every dive without any extra cost. We naturally have equipment for children, i.e. 5 Litre Bottles, regulators with child mouthpieces, child suits & jackets in all sizes.

Below, you will find, depending upon the age of your child, the possible education for your child’s certification. For further information regarding child diving please contact us.

Course Minimum Age Price
CMAS Snorkelcertificate "Otter" from 6 years 60,- €
CMAS Snorkelcertificate "Robbe" from 8 years 90,- €
IAC Junior Diver / Junior CMAS* from 8 years 199,- €
IAC Junior Scuba Diver / Junior CMAS** from 10 years 299,- €
IAC Junior OWD / Junior CMAS*** from 12 years 399,- €
PADI / SSI Scuba Diver from 10 years 299,- €
PADI / SSI Junior OWD from 10 years 399,- €
PADI / SSI Junior AOWD from 12 years 299,- €


For all non-diving kids from 3 years of age we offer free childminding during all dives, if both of their parents are diving at the same time.